The struggle of not texting back.

Hey boos, How are you guys doing? How was your week? Ride on the weekend, not that I have anything planned for it. I literally said, about a year ago when I wrote The struggles of not getting a text back and I never did, so a year later, here I am, doing what I said I would… Continue reading The struggle of not texting back.


What’s in my drafts 2

Hey boos! Merry Christmas and Happy new year! I know I haven't posted in a long time, I've just been very busy. Here is another what's in my drafts post for you and if you're new, what's in my drafts is when I go into my notes and pick out whatever story I'm working on.… Continue reading What’s in my drafts 2


Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian

Hey boos, Fancy seeing you here huh? *insert awkward stare down* Okay so I might have skipped several upload days but it's fine, I had exams and that's a pretty good excuse. Those exams are now nicely tucked away so here I am again, back from hiding and  ready for the Christmas festivities. I am… Continue reading Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian


Honestly tho: What they don’t tell you about University.

Hey boos, Happy November! We're at the last and most important "ember" months and you know what that means, winter, Christmas (and Christmas break) and my birthday! 3 things I am very passionate about. So as we all know, I am studying at University and honestly I love it but there are somethings that people… Continue reading Honestly tho: What they don’t tell you about University.