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If Psychology students were honest..

Hey boos, How are you? I haven't posted in a long time (soz). The month of March has just been a very busy and unpredictable month, but it's been good. As you read this I'll probably be back home or on the train back home, and I am very excited to have 3 hot meals… Continue reading If Psychology students were honest..

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Gospel girltalk…or guy: Anxiety

Hey boos, How are you? I'm supposed to be completing my business notes right now but instead, I'm by the window in the library writing this #iluvuni. Anyhow, I feel like I haven't done a GGTG segment in a while but that's because, just like you, I'm still on this walk with God and I… Continue reading Gospel girltalk…or guy: Anxiety


Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian

Hey boos, Fancy seeing you here huh? *insert awkward stare down* Okay so I might have skipped several upload days but it's fine, I had exams and that's a pretty good excuse. Those exams are now nicely tucked away so here I am again, back from hiding and  ready for the Christmas festivities. I am… Continue reading Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian