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Ode to the nameless.

Honestly, this one is for my ladies and gentlemen out there who are their own motivators because I don't think they get enough credit. I'm talking about my ladies and gents who even when they are constantly being shot at, they continue to march. For my people who don't get the recognition they deserve, who… Continue reading Ode to the nameless.


Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian

Hey boos, Fancy seeing you here huh? *insert awkward stare down* Okay so I might have skipped several upload days but it's fine, I had exams and that's a pretty good excuse. Those exams are now nicely tucked away so here I am again, back from hiding and  ready for the Christmas festivities. I am… Continue reading Gospel Girltalk..or Guy: #IfIWasn’tAChristian

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Gospel girltalk…..or guy. The importance of being Plankton.

Hey boos, How was your week? How are you feeling? Pause your reading and let me know in the comments below. I got this message whilst I was watching a preaching from Sadie Robertson (word) and so I decided to inspire someone with it because it's pretty nice (lol so much for a developed vocabulary.) … Continue reading Gospel girltalk…..or guy. The importance of being Plankton.