What’s in my drafts: 1

Hey boos, I haven't written in exactly 15 days (not that I've been counting, it's just that wordpress let's you know how many days ago you made your last post.) It's not like I haven't been writing, I have been writing just not blog-y stuff, I just haven't had the motivation to but I'm going … Continue reading What’s in my drafts: 1


Vlog on a Blog: 06/04/2017

Hey boos, How has your week been? Mine has been pretty great although it's 12:45 am right now and I am honestly trying to do this really quickly so I can go to bed. Let me be honest, I wanted to get a blog post up but I wanted to do something that would take … Continue reading Vlog on a Blog: 06/04/2017


Hey boos, for this post, I decided to post this continuation of "Killjoy", I hope you enjoy.   . . . . . . . . . Ejura yawned and scrolled down Instagram idly. She was on summer break and had nothing to do, her father had come back to visit 3 days ago and … Continue reading killjoy


Killjoy is a novel that I'm slowly chipping away at, here is a little bit of an excerpt from it. I hope you enjoy and comment below your thoughts.  Ejura sat cushioned wooden seat and stared at the woman through the mirror in front of her. She watched as the woman carefully sectioned her hair … Continue reading Killjoy

Storytime: My teacher chased me to my locker

Yess boo, you read that right, my teacher chased my booty down the hallway and this is how it happened. First of all, I am not a trouble maker, I have never been a trouble maker and I will never be a trouble maker. Yeah, I always claim I'd be Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl but  … Continue reading Storytime: My teacher chased me to my locker