So wha-ha- happened was..

What’s in my drafts: 1

Hey boos, I haven't written in exactly 15 days (not that I've been counting, it's just that wordpress let's you know how many days ago you made your last post.) It's not like I haven't been writing, I have been writing just not blog-y stuff, I just haven't had the motivation to but I'm going… Continue reading What’s in my drafts: 1

So wha-ha- happened was..

Vlog on a Blog: 06/04/2017

Hey boos, How has your week been? Mine has been pretty great although it's 12:45 am right now and I am honestly trying to do this really quickly so I can go to bed. Let me be honest, I wanted to get a blog post up but I wanted to do something that would take… Continue reading Vlog on a Blog: 06/04/2017

So wha-ha- happened was..

Storytime: My teacher chased me to my locker

Yess boo, you read that right, my teacher chased my booty down the hallway and this is how it happened. First of all, I am not a trouble maker, I have never been a trouble maker and I will never be a trouble maker. Yeah, I always claim I'd be Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl but … Continue reading Storytime: My teacher chased me to my locker